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My Priorities

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Economic Opportunity

To lift up families across New Haven, we need to invest in education, in small business development, and in job training and placement programs. We also should make sure our city grows sustainably and equitably by reforming our zoning code to get more affordable housing options built, create jobs, and expand our tax base.

Eli celebrating the opening of MiniPNG on Audubon St

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Eli talking about the need for more affordable housing after a ribbon cutting on Grove St

Affordable Neighborhoods

New Haven needs more affordable housing, and we also need to do everything we can to keep property taxes down so homeowners and renters don't get pushed out of our city. I'm fighting for inclusive development, eviction prevention supports, and responsible management of city finances. With this approach, we can make New Haven affordable for everyone. 


Safe Communities

Making sure every resident feels safe has to be one of the City of New Haven's top priorities. We must stop gun violence by increasing walking and biking beats, getting guns off the streets, and addressing the root causes of violence. We also need to build streets that are safe for everyone so no more drivers, bus riders, cyclists, or pedestrians are killed in our city.

Eli announcing street safety improvements on Wall St

Education Committee 2.tiff


Especially after the pandemic, the City and the Board of Ed need to work together to expand support and investments in our students. In particular, we must make sure we're using research-based literacy and math programs and investing in summer and after-school programs. Helping our students succeed also includes addressing the challenges they face both inside and outside the classroom.

Eli chairing a Board of Alders Education Committee meeting

Mulberry Jam 2.png

Sustainability and Climate

To protect our environment and keep our community healthy, we need to lower emissions by improving public transit, making New Haven more bike and pedestrian friendly, preserving our parks, and working to electrify city-owned vehicles. We should also use the zoning and building codes to promote sustainability in new development.

Eli announcing a grant for the Mulberry Jam Parklet

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