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My Priorities


Economic Opportunity

I believe that in order to lift up families across New Haven, we need to invest in our neighborhoods, in education, in small business development, and in job training and placement programs. We also should make sure our city grows sustainably and equitably by reforming our zoning code to boost affordability, create jobs, and expand our tax base.

Eli celebrating the expansion of outdoor dining with Anchor Spa owner Karl Williams


Affordable Neighborhoods

New Haven needs more affordable housing, and we also need to do everything we can to keep property taxes down so homeowners and renters don't get pushed out of our city. I'm fighting for inclusive development, eviction prevention services, and smart management of city finances. With this approach, we can make New Haven affordable for everyone. 

Eli speaking at an event in Fair Haven this spring (Courtesy of the New Haven Independent)

Vaccination on the Green.jpeg

Safe Communities

Making sure every resident feels safe must be one of the City of New Haven's top priorities. We must address the epidemic of gun violence by increasing walking and biking beats, getting guns off the streets, and addressing the root causes of violence. We also need to build streets that are safe for everyone so no more cyclists or pedestrians are killed in our city.

Eli at a press conference on the New Haven Green in April


Police Accountability

To keep our residents safe and improve law enforcement, we need to integrate mental health and social workers into our 911 system, make de-escalation and trauma-informed engagement the norm, and invest in real community-based public safety. We also must hold police officers accountable for misconduct and make sure the NHPD is as diverse as New Haven.

Eli at a February 2020 Board of Alders meeting


New Haven and Yale

New Haven and Yale rise and fall together. Yale needs to show its respect and commitment to New Haven by increasing its financial contribution to the city and by fulfilling its hiring commitment to workers in neighborhoods of need. The City and Yale should also work together to grow the local economy and create jobs for city residents.

Eli with his canvassing team for the January 2020 Homeless Point In Time Count

Education committee.JPG


Especially after this difficult year, the City and the Board of Ed need to work together to support our students. We must invest in summer programs and make sure kids are ready for a return to five days a week of in-person school in the fall. Going forward, we must help our students succeed by addressing the challenges they face both inside and outside the classroom.

Eli and his colleagues on the Board of Alders Education Committee


Sustainability and Climate

To protect our environment and keep our community healthy, we need to lower emissions by making New Haven more bike and pedestrian friendly, preserving our parks, and working to electrify city-owned vehicles. We should also use the zoning and building codes to promote sustainability in new development.

Eli during one of many Board of Alders Zoom meetings

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